Tungsram ecc83 datasheet

Datasheet tungsram

Tungsram ecc83 datasheet

00 NOTICE: Be sure to enter the Make & Model of component you are purchasing tubes for. Packing ecc83 : in Tungsram box. Jun 24, · Tungsram 12ax7 Short Gray Plates. ECC83 / 12AX7 Tungsram quality audio tube. Tungsram ecc83 datasheet. ecc83 CV492 / ECC83 Tungsram NOS / NIB more focused datasheet noise free compared to the standard ECC83/ 12AX7 type. Their ECC83 is the most famous ECC83 / 12AX7 ever. Labels are in excellent condition as these came wrapped in brown paper in the bulk box. They tungsram are printed in red with modern RCA logo, coded HH. ECC83 EK- TUNSGRAM more than 30 pcs available. Failure to do so will delay processing of your order. T in white 12AX7A / ECC83 JAPAN. ECC83 page sheet date. Regular price $ 65. Boxes are standard red RCA printed 12AX7A / ECC83.
Tungsram 12AU7/ ECC82 - This is. RADIOMUSEUM & DATASHEET (. The rhythm is a lot better, the mid’ s a little mushy but not hollow ecc83 at all. ECC83 datasheet Telefunken 12AX7. Tungsram ECC83 tubes are well liked by many ecc83 Audiophiles and Guitar folks. NEW ECC83 Tungsram tubes NEW ECC83 Tungsram tubes NEW ECC83 Tungsram tubes. Tungsram tungsram ECC82 / tungsram 12AU7.

AD1 Tungsram; GM70 Russian DHT; Output Pentodes. 1 x NOS Tungsram ECC83 - ecc83 12AX7 Tested STRONG ecc83 Audio Vacuum Preamp Tube Cooper Rod. ecc83 pdf) Shipping will be Airmail registered with tracing. Title: ECC83 Author: Philips Created Date:. These one of a datasheet kind early 1960s Tungsram tubes with welded plates are obscure and the best example datasheet of Tungsram tubes.
Most of the 19 RCA tungsram datasheets are placed here thanks to and with permission of Peter Millet. I don’ t datasheet ecc83 like the clean datasheet sound, too much bottom. Packed ecc83 in generic white boxes from bulk. The tube have a very open sounding low noise microphonic. Tungsram ecc83 datasheet.

Made by Tungsram ( Hungary). These fine 9 pin miniature glass tubes are datasheet delivered with tungsram gray plates , suitable for resistance coupled high gain audio amplification top halo getters. Still today, the market for ECC83. Do check out his site with the online RCA HB- 3 manuals. We do not ship tubes without this information.
The NOS ECC83 ( 12AX7) Tungsram vacuum tubes have been checked by a calibrated Hickok 539B tungsram vacuum tube tester. They are also glass etched datasheet 12AX7A. Dec 04 · Tungsram tungsram ECC83/ 12AX7 are great tubes , even if already used for 1000s tungsram of hours will likely outlast any tungsram of the new production 12AX7s made today.

Tungsram datasheet

12AX7= ECC83 and Equivalents. 12AX7 TUNGSRAM HUNGARY ( these typically have very low noise and are under- rated 12AX7' s, copper grid posts) TO BUY 12AX7 Tungsram. Strong and Balanced 1980s TUNGSRAM 7025 12AX7 ECC83 tube. Tube# 1: Triode# 1: 50. Nov 14, · Both Tungsram and the Mullard short- plate share similarly congested mids when compared with older Mullard long- plates or RCA and Raytheon long black- plates. All in all, Tungsram ECC83 make for a fine general- purpose tube that allows for.

tungsram ecc83 datasheet

Tungsram 12AX7/ ECC83- When I think of this tube, I think of turning up the color much in the same way the classic Mullards do. smooth, maintains top end, excellent bass.